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The purpose of Teams and Team Leaders is to provide better club communication and fellowship with members and guests.  Teams are responsible for setting up for weekly meetings and putting everything away properly at the end of the weekly meetings; welcoming everyone who attends weekly meetings and greeting guests and guest speakers; and finding guest speakers for their assigned months.


Team 1

Team Leader:  Randy Beard

Responsible for:  October, June



Rick Sinchak – sinbadpep@aol.com

Don Fatobene – donald.fatobene@chemicalbank.com

Barry Lamer – barry.lamer@rrbiznet.com

Michael Stevens – Mstevens@evenbayre.com



Team 2

Team Leader:  David Barran

Responsible for:  November, March


(330) 372-1801


Paul Clouser – paulclo@nfrepair.com

Michael Crogan – crcmichaelcrogan@gmail.com

Jack Guarnieri – Guarnieri536@aol.com

Kimberly Strimple (Lordstown Key Club Advisor) – kim.strimple@lordstownschools.com



Team 3

Team Leader:  Bill Flevares

Responsible for:  February, July



Ken Kimble – kkimble398@gmail.com

Bill Sauer – kurt@sauereng.com

Jerri Florio – jflo10@hotmail.com

Jim Hughes – H3625jmsp@gmail.com



Team 4

Team Leader:  Dave Snyder

Responsible for:   January, September


(330) 369-8570 ext. 109


Don Emerson – demerson@trumbulltmha.org 

Kenya Roberts-Howard – kenya.howard@ywcaofwarren.org

Stephanie Masters – stephanie.masters@chemicalbank.com



Team 5

Team Leader:  Paulette Edington

Responsible for:  December, April


(330) 766-4495


Jim Ritter – jritter0@kent.edu (it’s a zero, not a capital letter)

Jim Wilkins - wilkinsj@wtcpl.org

Bobby Dellimuti – Bob@dilucias.com

Karen Massari (Harding Key Club Advisor) – karen.massari@neomin.org  



Team 6

Team Leader:  Kurt Sauer

Responsible for:  May, August



Ralph Smith – r.smith.scope@gmail.com

Rebecca Smeraglia – Rebecca.Smeraglia@jfs.ohio.gov

Frank D’Apolito – fvdap@msn.com

Christine McCue (JKF Key Club Advisor) – tmccue@warrenjfk.com